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Thanks for visiting PArcMC!
We have a collection of Minecraft servers in the My Little Pony theme that we hope everyone will enjoy.
If you have questions, we encourage you to visit our knowledgebase for assistance.

Before you join a server, please read the rules.
Click the buttons on the left to get more information on each server and how to go about joining.


For each server there are a specific set of rules that must be adhered to, unless you wish to end up banned.
Before you visit a server, make sure to familiarize yourself with that server's rule set.

All servers share a few common base-rules.

  • Be friendly. We're very proud and impressed by our strong, creative, and most of all, extremely friendly community. If you constantly cause headaches and make other players not want to play, you may be asked to leave.
  • No griefing/theft. Destroying, vandalizing, or otherwise damaging the property of others is prohibited. THIS INCLUDES SEEMINGLY ABANDONED HOUSES.
  • No cheating. Hacking or cheating, whether through software (ie. hacked clients) or hardware (ie. keyboard macros) are absolutely not tolerated. We do not tolerate players that do not have the integrity to play fairly.
  • No spamming. This pertains to chat, commands, private messages, mail, etc. Spamming is not tolerated.
  • Do not advertise on the forums or servers. Discussion of other servers and sites is allowed, but do not link or provide addresses to any non-approved sites or services. Additionally, advertising PoniArcade Minecraft on other servers is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep roleplay in appropriate channels. Roleplay is allowed, provided it follows all the other rules, and is done in the correct chat channel.
  • Racist or sexist remarks, personal threats, and harassment of others is not permitted. This includes usernames and nicknames.
  • Explicit chat or images are not allowed. Additionally, explicit roleplaying is not authorized. Roleplaying is allowed if it is kept clean.
  • Impersonation of any other player is not permitted. This does not solely apply to staff members.
  • Do not violate any laws. Any unlawful activity or otherwise violation of law is strictly prohibited. This includes copyright violations and piracy.
  • Listen to staff. We can't reasonably cover every possible scenario that might come up, so if a staff member asks you to stop something, stop.
  • Use common sense. Last but not least, use your best judgment. Blatant malice is not excusable, even if it's not covered by a rule.

  • Note: You are responsible for your account. "It was my relative/friend" or "I was hacked" is not an excuse!


So you're interested in survival, eh?
The good old open-world Minecraft, filled with exploration and danger!
Well, you've come to the right place!

Our Survival server is one of the best around!
You have your basic Minecraft-SMP explerience, but it's supplemented with unique pony (and some non-pony) classes that give you special abilities!
Pony Classes

If you're interested in joining, just join the lobby and walk to the "Survival" portal.
Lobby: play.poniarcade.com


Welcome to the Equestria server!
The Equestria server is a special server dedicated to the accurate reconstruction of canon Equestria!
This project is headed by our very own United Guild of Equestria Builders.

Interested in helping build Equestria?
Visit the forums and apply to become a builder!

Not interested in helping build?
You're still free to explore and roleplay in Equestria!

If you're interested in joining, just join the lobby and walk to the "Equestria" portal.
Lobby: play.poniarcade.com


Looking for a plot-based creative server to enjoy with other ponies?
Look no further!

Our Creative server is active and open to anyone!
If you're interested in joining, just join the lobby and walk to the "Creative" portal.
Lobby: play.poniarcade.com