Public Command List

If you get an error message in red when performing any of these commands, please read the error message and try to resolve the problem yourself (perhaps with /help ) before asking for help.


Syntax Description
/version See what version of our server software we are running.
/plugins See what plugins the server is running.
/list See who's on the server, along with their real names if they have nicknames.
/help Get a list of help topics.
/help <plugin/command/topic> Get help on any plugin or command that's not listed here
/server Lists the servers you can switch to.
/server <name> Switch to the given server


Syntax Description
/msg <player> <message> Send another player a private message
/r <message> Reply to a private message you've received, or re-message the last player you messaged.
/ch list List chat channels you may join.
/ch join <channel> Join a chat channel.
/ch <channel> Switch to the given channel as your "active" channel - this is the channel messages you send will go to.
/ch G Switch back to the regular global chat.
/nick <nickname> Change your nickname to the given nick.
/nick off Remove your nickname.
/realname <nickname> Find the real name of a given player by their nickname.


Syntax Description
/mail See if you have any unread mail.
/mail send <player> <message> Send a mail message to a player.
/mail read Read your mail.
/mail clear Mark unread messages as read.


Syntax Description
/spawn Teleport to spawn.
/warp List the available warps that you can teleport to.
/warp <name> Teleport to the given warp.
/tpa <player> Request to teleport to another player.
/tpahere <player> Request for another player to teleport to you.
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request from another player.
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request from another player.
/tptoggle Toggle whether other players can send you teleport requests.
/sethome <name> Set a home point.
/home List your home points
/home <name> Teleport to the given home point.


Syntax Description
/balance Find out how many bits you have.
/pay <player> <amount> Pay another player the given number of bits.
/baltop See the players who have the most money on the server.
/buyhome See how many bits needed to buy the next home slot
/buyhome confirm Purchase a new home slot.

Donator-Only Commands

Syntax Description
/hat Put the item you are holding on your head.
A generally more up to date version of this list can be found on a gist that our plugin developer maintains here
Additionally, the following plugins are utilized on various servers. Click the link to be taken to pages that give command assistance.