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PoniArcade Minecraft is a collection of My Little Pony-themed Minecraft servers operated by Poniverse. We strive to provide our players with a fun and unique Minecraft experience. We're proud of our wonderful, creative, friendly community and will continue to improve upon the servers in every way possible.

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Total unique players today: 157
New players today: 11
New players this month: 162
New players this year: 162
Total unique players: 38979


Sat Jan 21 2017 - 18:13:59 EST

Reminder that we have a discord group! https://t.co/Nfo5xHWuLe

Sat Jan 21 2017 - 07:21:10 EST

basically survival the past few days https://t.co/QDN2pit9D7

Fri Jan 20 2017 - 14:24:21 EST

Crashing seems to be due to the update on the shops, techs are figuring out what in particular did it. Is being worked on!

Thu Jan 19 2017 - 14:57:56 EST

Was fixed for a while and then died again >.< Will let you know when we figure out what's causing it!

Thu Jan 19 2017 - 14:03:14 EST

Survival died, will let you know when back